Notice : Currently we hired Japanese or foreign person who living in Japan.

We are looking for 3D artist(Character model / BG model / animation) and Programmer. If you interested in us, see below and entry.


Job description
  • Coding for smart phone or console game.
  • Coding in-house game engine or tool, middleware.
skill required
  • at least 1 year work experience
  • Speaking Japanese ordinary conversation

3DCG artist

Job description
  • create 3D Ebvironment /character, FX, etc 3D materials
skill required
  • Experience of MAYA,3ds Max or other 3D DCC.

→We are welcome if you have knowledge of shader or the experience of Art director.

Motion designer

Job description
  • Create 3D character animation
skill required
  • At least 1 year work experience with using MAYA/MotionBuilder or Softimage

treatment (common all job)

Type of employment :regular employment / contract employee
Work place :Shibaura-Minato ku (depend on project. basically near Yamanote-line)
Nearest station :Tamachi(JR)
Duty hours :Flextime 7.5h include coretime (11:00~16:00)
Salary :~5200,000 JPY/Y ※depend on skill and experience. Payment in installments(1/12 each month)

trial period :3 months ( 75% salary whihin this period)
Other condition :transportation expenses 15,000JPY/M
Statutory holiday :Saturday/Sunday, End/begin of year, Summer holday

how to entry

Please send below documents to our office.

  • Resume
  • Job history sheet
  • Demo reel(Programmer = source code)

We will reply result within 2 weeks by email ( Don’t forget your contract mail address into resume!)
Notice: Entry document can’t send back.

Send address

〒105-0023 Chantilly Ito 3F 1-14-13 Shibaura Minatoku, Tokio
To: Masahiro Onoguchi

or send by

Term of selection

1) Selection by your skill sheet
10 working day
2) Interview
10 working day
3) Inform result

Wendy wanted your entry !!

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